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Let's Brew

Brew With The Master

We want to give you the chance to brew your own beer at Fishtown Brewpub! 

One of you will get the chance to work with our Brewmaster, TJ,  to brew your very own recipe, with the opportunity to be involved in every step of the brewing process.

Phase 3: Beer Launch!

Once your beer is done fermenting and ready to launch, we’ll announce its release to the world (or at least Philadelphia)! Invite all of your friends and family to the brewpub for a celebratory party, where we’ll tap your beer and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Phase 1: Brainstorm

Meet with our brewmaster to discuss and brainstorm a beer recipe and a clever name to go with it (while drinking a few beers to facilitate the creative process, of course). 

Phase 2: Brew

After deciding on the perfect blend of hops and flavors, the winner will come back to the brewpub and start the brewing process with the brewmaster. 

Enter your information below to enter the contest. 

More Opportunities to Win

Want to increase your chances? You can only submit once online, but with each visit to the Brewpub you can earn yourself another entry. Just ask your bartender when ordering your next draft. Cheers!

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